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Escola E.B. 2,3 Dr. José Domingues dos Santos - LAVRA (active)
Escola E.B. 2,3 Dr. José Domingues dos Santos This web site was developed for a secondary school in the Summer of 2004 and uses simple tecnhiques like HTML, CSS and the Xara menu maker for an easy website updating. It contains information about the courses available, required reading lists for each course, school objectives, information for students, parents and teachers, other extra curricular activities and many more.

www.eb23-lavra.rcts.pt pt
Scripts.pt Scripts.pt is a project for people that use IRC (Internet Relay Chat - text-based chat channels). Started in 1998, and currently using PHP and MySQL. In this website you can find everything related to IRC, including scripts, tutorials, smilies, abreviations, security, abbreviations, and a web forum to discuss anything related to this topic.
At the time, there was a lack of portuguese websites like this one, so the idea, was to include only scripts made from people whom speak portuguese, so the website was interly written in Portuguese. You can check the website in other languages using a real-time translation program.

http://scripts.dwebd.net pt uk es fr de
Lazeres Nortenhos (not active)
Lazeres Nortenhos Lazeres Nortenhos was my high school final year project produced in 1999. This website contains information of the cities' history, traditional restaurants and night life that can be found in the North of Portugal, and hence the name of the website. It includes my very first flash animation. For this project, I received an excellent mark however due to lack of time I was unable to update it regulary.

www.tiagomota.com/websites/lazeresnortenhos pt
Belle Chase Hotel (not active)
Belle Chase Hotel This is an unofficial web site of the music group called Belle Chase Hotel. It was created in 1999 and my first website with PHP coding used in headers, footers and other small parts places in the website.
In this website you can find a small description of the group, photos, biography, etc...
It has not been online since 2000 but I have included here to show some of my earlier work.

www.tiagomota.com/websites/bellechase pt
Internet Forums
BladesignForum.com In this forum, created in December 2005, I have used phpbb. This forum is intended for people that study and enjoy the bladsmithing art.

www.bladesignforum.com uk

For the internet forums, I use the phpbb code. It is an opensource and freeware code that you can get here.

Flash Examples & Banners
Flash Examples
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My first flash presentation was in 1999 and consisted of a 3 seconds animation. Since that time however, I have produced more animations using flash; the link below showcases these.

Banners By clicking on the image to the left, you can find a collection of banners and logos that I have created. Some projects were successful, others however remained in their drawing board stages and thus are not currently available on the internet. I have assorted chronologically the images used in some of the projects. To produce the images I used programs such as CorelDraw, and Paint Shop Pro, Adobe® Photoshop® and Macromedia Flash.
I have colllated more than 15 images that can be accessed from link below.

imageevent.com/tmota/best One of my greatest passions is photography. After setting up a space in imagevent in 2004, I have started uploading much of my work to this website in order to share them. On the website I have created a folder labelled 'Best' which contains, I believe, some of my best and favourite photographs. You can view these directly by accessing the link below.

http://ImageEvent.com/tmota/best uk

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